Hoki Poker – Learning The Basics Of The Game Online

Hoki Poker is a popular online game where a user plays poker with other players. It involves betting. The users usually rank their cards based on a sequence to determine who the winner is. The rank on the card is determined by the value of each card.

The game starts by when one or more players start their first round by betting blind. The players playing Hoki Poker may or may not look into their cards from the second round. The set of cards with each player is called a hand. Depending on the hand one may or may not stay in the game. If a player wished to leave the game at any moment he calls a fold. After looking into his card if the player wants to stay in the game then he has to raise his bet. A blind player has to raise only half the bet, a seen player has to raise. The blind player may stay blind as long as he wishes to be. All players have to either raise the bet or match the previous round of their bet. The game ends when all players fold and the last player takes all the money. The money thus pooled in is called the pot. When only the last two players are playing, the players may call for a show and then compare their cards to determine who the winner is. The winner takes the pot. The players gamble using psychology to determine if the other person is bluffing or not.

There is usually a dealer to distribute the cards. In the game of Hoki Poker the computer automatically does it. Cards are dealt in the clockwise direction. The cards are dealt from a deck of fifty two cards. Each hand consists of five cards. A straight flush is highest rank. In a straight flush all the cards have to be in a series and in the same color and type. A straight flush of starting from ace follower by king, queen, jack and ten of spade has the highest value. The next in the rank is a four of a kind. A four of a kind contains four different types of cards with the same number, for example, an ace of spade, an ace of heart, an ace of club and an ace of diamond. A full house is contains three type of cards of the same number and two type of cards of a different number. A flush is full set of cards with the same type. A straight is any series of cards. Three of a kind is where a player gets three cards of the same number but different type. Two pair is when a player in Hoki Poker gets two pairs of cards of different type but the same number. The least value is for a single pair where a player gets only one pair of cards having the same number but different type.

Hoki Poker can be played online or downloaded from Google Play or Apple App store, please visit http://hokipoker.com to install. It has a great fan following from in facebook which speaks volumes about its popularity.